12 Foods To Accelerate Weight Loss

Dianne G.

Weight loss will always be a hot button for both women and men. With so much emphasis on fitness, even thin people have considered losing weight at some point in time in their life. A reasonable weight loss plan will factor two things – increase your daily activity and decrease the total calorie intake. It is the deficit between the two that ultimately leads to loss of weight.

One mistake that weight loss rookies unwittingly make is to reduce the absolute quantity of food altogether. This works more against weight loss as it can cause intense hunger pangs, leading to a major food binge! The better way is to focus on the quality of your food instead of quantity.

With these 12 superfoods, you are sure to feel fulfilled with less. At the same, the natural properties of these foods will help accelerate your weight loss without causing any health risks.

12 Green leafy veggies

green leafy vegetables

This is the ultimate weight loss secret – for an accelerated weight loss program, you should actively embrace all things green. Include edible leaves, green beans, and anything that is green and leafy in your diet! Almost all leafy greens are rich in iron and dramatically improve your immunity and blood quality in very little time. Also, they are very filling and can be used in salads, juices, baked dishes, even casseroles.

One tip from regular weight watchers is to begin your day with a fresh glass of spinach juice. Besides blessing you with Popeye’s matchless strength, this also works as a fantastic daily cleanse. And then there’s another advantage – this actually trains your tongue to crave equally fulfilling foods for the rest of the day! But of course, this juice works best when it is at its purest, unsweetened, unsalted, and without milk. Half a lemon can be added for flavor.


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