Hubble is a new brand of contact lenses.

We founded Hubble to offer you the high quality, affordable lenses you deserve.

Why Contact Lenses Are So Expensive

Why is it so hard to find affordable contact lenses? In the US and Canada, four manufacturers control about 95% of the contact lens market. Without much competition, they’ve set prices to be much higher than they should.

Your Choice Until Now: Overpay or Overwear

High prices leave contact lens wearers like you with a tough choice: either overpay for contacts or overwear them to save money, risking eye damage.

Get your first box of Hubble contacts for $1.

Hubble: Dailies, Made Affordable

We started Hubble so you don’t have to choose between your health and your wallet. Our contacts are barely a dollar a day, so you can finally afford to wear fresh lenses as much as you like.

Quality Lenses

Hubble lenses are designed to provide all-day comfort and sharp vision. They’re made to exacting standards in our manufacturing partner’s state-of-the-art facility, which has been making contact lenses for more than twenty years.

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Get your first box of Hubble contacts for $1.


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