Vitamin C Deficiency

Our body sure loves its vitamins. From the A to the K, every single one of them is hugely beneficial to a healthy body. It helps to know that there are two disparate groups of vitamins. Some can be safely stored in the body and retained in fat tissue, and are hence called “fat-soluble” vitamins. As long as we enjoy a nutritious diet, we are less likely to suffer from this type of vitamin deficiency, as the body is capable of storing it for later use.

Then there are the other type, aptly called “water soluble” vitamins. These are not only dissolved that much more easily, but they also regularly pass out of the body through urine. Hence, it is exceedingly crucial for us to frequently load up on these vitamins, as any scarcity is more likely to be quickly felt by our body. Vitamin C belongs to this second type, so you need to consume fruit to get it.

You may wonder what the big deal is about vitamin C, and why it is essential for us to get enough of it. The answer lies in another C, collagen. Vitamin C is the key to generating healthy collagen, which in turn is a protein responsible for keeping our skin tissues healthy. And we do mean all of our skin, including the skin surrounding our bones and muscles, our internal organs, and our blood vessels.

Vitamin C is also responsible for yet another C, cholesterol. In this case, the vitamin does its job by breaking down fat cells, and bad cholesterol, and hence is vital to maintaining the health of our heart. Finally, it is also a powerful antioxidant, making it vital in combating the other big C, cancer. Now that is a mighty big deal! Here are 10 early signs for you to watch out for to quickly catch on to any vitamin C deficiency.

10. Poor Dental Health

Poor Dental Health

We are referring to your gums here, not necessarily your teeth. A healthy level of collagen is required to hold your gums together. So if you aren’t getting enough vitamin C, your mouth will be the first to let you know. Tender, swollen, or even bleeding gums are all caused by this deficiency. In some cases, you could even wake up to frequent mouth ulcers. This is a common symptom of scurvy, a rare disease that comes from not getting enough vitamin C.

9. Dry and Lackluster Hair

Dry Lackluster Hair

Again, it is collagen that is responsible for maintaining the shine and health of your hair. So if you aren’t getting enough of it, expect to have all sorts of hair problems. From unnaturally thinning hair, to split ends, to dryness that no conditioner can cure, it is a lack of vitamin C that causes it all. This can also show up in hard yet brittle nails.

Fortunately, the solution is not only simple; it is also yummy! Just snack on an orange or two. Or a guava and a kiwi will do nicely too. They are loaded with the essential vitamin and get your hair back to its shining glory in no time.



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