Day to day we have our own hair habits we live by. Whether you are the type of person to wash your hair daily, heat it up with curls, or vigorously rub expensive oils into it, many well-loved habits will actually damage your locks, instead of renewing it. Our obsessions can cause hair breakage, thinning out, or stripping it of all health. Some damage is caused by too hot of showers or even your daily diet but most of the time, it’s bad hair habits that go unnoticed. In order to rejuvenate your hair, here are a few tips and reminders of what not to do with that luscious mane.

Washing your Hair Daily


There is a myth that washing your hair every day will maintain it’s health but it is quite the opposite. In fact, washing your hair daily will strip it of its natural oils giving you dry locks and damaging your hair to the point of falling out. This habit is most common in teens but not surprising when hearing adults follow the same rule. The appropriate amount to wash your luscious locks is only three times per week to keep its natural shine and health.  The shampoo you use also has an effect, so lean towards more mild washes.

Oiling too Often


Spending money on expensive hair serums is a common usage among adults. Finding the perfect warming oil that works properly with your hair type is like finding a little magic. However what very few know is that you should not be oiling up every day. Oiling too often attracts dirt and grime which will lead to greasy hair resulting in more shampooing. Common practice is to oil as often as you wash, about three times a week, without letting it sit in your hair for more than a day.

Contaminated Hair Tools


Just like you need to wash makeup brushes, it is important to wash your hair tools as well. And not just the curling iron and straightener that you religiously use, but headbands, clips, and all other accessories as well. Think about how much product you put in your hair every day, from sprays, oils, and brushes. The guideline is to hand wash these tools about every 20 days to a month, to keep the bacteria from building up. The bacteria may cause serious issues on your scalp and in your hairlines.

Strenuous Towel Use


When getting out of the shower, most rub their hair down and/ or wrap it up tightly in the towel to dry. This habit can lead to frizziness or breakage in your hair, especially when your hair is wet and fragile. The best way to manage your mane post shower is to pat it down to dry, without wringing it out or rubbing it down. It may take longer to dry but overall you are saving your hair from destruction. Try using a microfiber towel, to more easily soak up the shower water.

Sleeping with Wet Hair


Hair is most brittle when it is wet. When sleeping on your wet hair you cause an immense amount of breakage and damage from the constant tossing and turning in your sleep. Contrary to most beliefs, blow drying your hair causes less damage than sleeping on it. Make sure to not hold the dryer too close to your scalp to avoid irritation or heat damage. However, if you happen to be a night-time shower type, try using a silk pillowcase for less damage. This will allow your hair to glide easily across the pillow instead of ripping out.



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