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Hair is one of those things you don’t think about much; that is, unless you’re continually styling it, or losing it. In situations like that, you are more likely to notice your hair and take the time to keep it happy and healthy. Hair loss, while not a severe condition, certainly is an inconvenient one. It can be embarrassing, and without hair, one may find that their head gets cold much easier. Don’t go starting a hat collection just yet. Instead, make sure that you are getting enough of these vitamins, and hold onto your hair. (Information gathered from NCBI.)

10. Iron


The relationship between iron and hair is not entirely understood. What is known is that iron appears to provide beneficial effects to hair follicles. Also of note, an iron deficiency can lead to hair loss (among other serious symptoms). What does this mean? Well, for starters, make sure your diet includes healthy levels of iron. This is a little more different for vegans and vegetarians, as plant sources of iron are not always as rich as meat sources. Either way, take caution with supplementation. Iron can be toxic at high levels, and even small doses will build up over time.

9. Zinc


Zinc is a mineral that is responsible for the facilitation of a lot of your bodily processes. The roles zinc plays are too numerous to list, but contributing to healthy hair is certainly one of them. A zinc deficiency, along with more potentially life-threatening conditions, may lead to brittle hair. While we can be pretty sure that a lack of zinc is detrimental to hair health, information about if supplementation can help those without a marked deficiency, and how much, is still fairly sparse; one case suggested that it is possible, but there remains more to learn.



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