8. File Your Nails

File Your Nails

Keeping your nails neatly filed can prevent snags and tears due to the rough edges of your fingernails catching on fabrics. The nail professionals at Nail It! recommend filing your nails with an emery board with a grit number of 240. This is a soft file that is less likely to tear your fingernails. File your nails in one direction, avoiding the back-and-forth sawing motion that will fray the edges of your nails. Instead, start at the edge of your nail plate and glide the file smoothly over the edge of the nail toward the middle. Keep an emery board in your purse or briefcase to file away any rough edges that occur during the course of the day.

7. Get Enough Biotin

Get Enough Biotin

Biotin is a B vitamin that aids in cell growth and the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and protein. A diet rich in biotin helps maintain healthy skin and hair. While biotin is available in supplements, it is easy to incorporate foods containing biotin into your daily menu. Add biotin-rich foods like eggs, avocado, fruits, and cauliflower to your diet to help promote strong and healthy nails. Sweet potatoes, nuts, and liver are also good sources of biotin.

6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh Chemicals

Protect your nails by avoiding nail polishes, acrylic nails, and gels. If you can’t resist decorating your nails with a pop of color, seek out nontoxic polishes like those made by Zoya. This company has removed chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate from its nail products. Nail polish removers containing acetone work quickly, but are especially harsh on fingernails. Seek non-acetone polish removers to be gentler on your nails. Additionally, protect your hands and nails from the chemicals in household cleaners and disinfectants by wearing gloves while cleaning.

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