3. Low Levels of Zinc

Foods Rich In Zinc

Hair loss can result from a diet deficient in zinc. Skip junk foods that only temporarily tickle your taste buds and fill your belly. These items can quickly leave you feeling droopy and lethargic. Good sources of dietary zinc include chickpeas, lentils, pumpkin seeds, and cashews. The Minimalist Baker has a recipe for One-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka that is brimming with flavor and essential nutrients. This recipe combines chickpeas with vegetables such as red bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and kalamata olives. Spices such as cumin, chili powder, cayenne, and cardamom add deep flavor.

2. A Diet Deficient in Iron


Sticking to bland foods can deprive your body of the iron it needs for healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen-rich blood to your scalp and skin as well as your organs and extremities. A healthy blood supply leads to healthy hair. Make sure to include iron-rich foods in your daily menu. Shellfish, spinach, beans, and seeds are good sources of iron. Red meat also provides dietary iron. Take care to trim away fatty portions of meat to prevent the negative effects of excess fat.

1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Drinking Alcohol

Overindulging in alcohol wreaks havoc on your liver as well as your hair. The dehydrating effects of alcohol can leave your hair brittle and dry. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that women drink one or fewer alcoholic beverages per day and that men consume only up to two alcoholic beverages. Keep your skin cells properly plumped up and retain the glossy shine in your hair by drinking plenty of water each day. You don’t need to chug eight glasses of water per day to keep hydrated. Simply listen to your body’s cues and drink when you are thirsty.



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