10. Use Moisturizer Before Applying Perfume

Use Moisturizer

Give your perfume a little extra staying power by applying an unscented lotion or moisturizer before applying the scent. The moisture provided by the lotion will keep your perfume sealed in place. A dab of petroleum jelly rubbed onto your pulse point before spraying the perfume can have the same effect. Avoid spraying perfume on your hands, as the alcohol component of the fragrance can be drying to the skin of your hands.

9. Apply Fragrance Right After Your Shower

Apply Fragrance Shower

Spray on the fragrance right after showering and before dressing. When your skin is well hydrated from the water of the shower, it will retain the scent longer. Applying perfume before you dress for the day allows the perfume to come in direct contact with your body, where your body heat can activate it. Furthermore, this prevents the perfume from direct contact with your clothing and avoids staining.

8. Avoid Spraying Delicate Areas of Skin

Delicate Areas Of Skin

In general, you can’t go wrong when choosing the perfect spot to apply perfume. However, you will want to avoid spraying delicate areas of your skin that are susceptible to irritation. Avoid spraying perfume near your eyes, where it can sting and damage them. The chemicals in perfume can also be irritating to the delicate tissues of your private parts, causing pain and inflammation. Finally, stick to deodorant for your armpits and avoid applying perfume there, as it can come into contact with your sweat glands and cause itching and burning.



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