7. A Fine Mist Keeps the Fragrance Light

A Fine Mist

Strong scents can become subtle if you avoid applying them directly to your skin. To capture just a hint of fragrance, spray perfume into the air in front of you. Then walk through the mist, allowing the scent to settle on your body. Another alternative for achieving a subtle effect from a more powerful scent is to spray it lower on your body. Aim for the ankles or the backs of your knees, and the scent should be softer as the aroma travels up through the air.

6. Give Your Hairbrush a Spritz

Hairbrush A Spritz

You should avoid spraying perfume directly on your hair, as the alcohol it contains can be very drying. However, you may enjoy the release of scent as you shake out your hair or turn your head throughout the day. If so, apply a spritz of perfume to your hairbrush. This allows the perfume to dry slightly before touching your hair yet delivers aroma to the hair strands. If beautifully scented hair is your goal, seek out hair perfumes that are specially formulated for your tresses.

5. Add Your Last Drops of Fragrance to Unscented Lotion

Last Drops Of Fragrance

When you are getting down to the last drops of your favorite scent, make them last by adding them to unscented lotion. This allows you to keep enjoying your favorite aroma and stretch your perfume investment a bit longer. Apply a drop of perfume to a cotton swab or two to carry in your purse. Seal them in an airtight baggie for easily portable perfume touchups while you are on the go.

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