Favorite Fragrances

A lovely fragrance can set a mood, portray your feelings, and draw others in. You may wear perfume to feel pretty, smell amazing, and put forth a positive image. However, a cloying or overpowering scent can create the opposite of the desired effect. It can drive others away, trigger allergies, and leave you wondering where you went wrong. Additionally, if you enjoy scents, you know that a good fragrance can be very pricey. Here are some tips to use your perfume or cologne strategically and to the best advantage. This way, you will get the most from your investment and won’t irritate or aggravate others around you.

12. Test a Fragrance Before Purchasing

Test A Fragrance

Before purchasing a new fragrance, be sure to properly test it out. First, see if you enjoy the scent by spraying it onto a cardboard beauty blotter. Next, beauty editor Dave Lackie recommends this technique for testing it on your skin. First, spritz your wrist, allow it to dry for 20 seconds, then give it a sniff. Next, allow the perfume a full 30 minutes to interact with your particular body chemistry before smelling it again. Engage in another activity while time passes, then lift your wrist for another whiff. If the aroma still pleases you, then this may be the scent for you.

11. Apply Scent to Your Pulse Points

Apply Scent

Perfumes release their aroma when exposed to heat, which makes your pulse points the perfect spots for applying scent. The neck, wrists, ears, inner elbows, and backs of the knees are favorite spots to spritz a bit of scent. Choose only one or two spots to apply perfume, as applying too much can be overwhelming. Additionally, avoid rubbing your wrists together after spraying perfume on them. The friction of rubbing your skin heats up the perfume and can alter the scent. Instead, simply give your wrists a light spritz and allow them to dry naturally.

10. Use Moisturizer Before Applying Perfume

Use Moisturizer

Give your perfume a little extra staying power by applying an unscented lotion or moisturizer before applying the scent. The moisture provided by the lotion will keep your perfume sealed in place. A dab of petroleum jelly rubbed onto your pulse point before spraying the perfume can have the same effect. Avoid spraying perfume on your hands, as the alcohol component of the fragrance can be drying to the skin of your hands.

9. Apply Fragrance Right After Your Shower

Apply Fragrance Shower

Spray on the fragrance right after showering and before dressing. When your skin is well hydrated from the water of the shower, it will retain the scent longer. Applying perfume before you dress for the day allows the perfume to come in direct contact with your body, where your body heat can activate it. Furthermore, this prevents the perfume from direct contact with your clothing and avoids staining.

8. Avoid Spraying Delicate Areas of Skin

Delicate Areas Of Skin

In general, you can’t go wrong when choosing the perfect spot to apply perfume. However, you will want to avoid spraying delicate areas of your skin that are susceptible to irritation. Avoid spraying perfume near your eyes, where it can sting and damage them. The chemicals in perfume can also be irritating to the delicate tissues of your private parts, causing pain and inflammation. Finally, stick to deodorant for your armpits and avoid applying perfume there, as it can come into contact with your sweat glands and cause itching and burning.

7. A Fine Mist Keeps the Fragrance Light

A Fine Mist

Strong scents can become subtle if you avoid applying them directly to your skin. To capture just a hint of fragrance, spray perfume into the air in front of you. Then walk through the mist, allowing the scent to settle on your body. Another alternative for achieving a subtle effect from a more powerful scent is to spray it lower on your body. Aim for the ankles or the backs of your knees, and the scent should be softer as the aroma travels up through the air.

6. Give Your Hairbrush a Spritz

Hairbrush A Spritz

You should avoid spraying perfume directly on your hair, as the alcohol it contains can be very drying. However, you may enjoy the release of scent as you shake out your hair or turn your head throughout the day. If so, apply a spritz of perfume to your hairbrush. This allows the perfume to dry slightly before touching your hair yet delivers aroma to the hair strands. If beautifully scented hair is your goal, seek out hair perfumes that are specially formulated for your tresses.

5. Add Your Last Drops of Fragrance to Unscented Lotion

Last Drops Of Fragrance

When you are getting down to the last drops of your favorite scent, make them last by adding them to unscented lotion. This allows you to keep enjoying your favorite aroma and stretch your perfume investment a bit longer. Apply a drop of perfume to a cotton swab or two to carry in your purse. Seal them in an airtight baggie for easily portable perfume touchups while you are on the go.

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4. Spritz Drawer Liners with Scent

Drawer Liners Scent

Line your dresser drawers with tissue paper sprayed with your favorite perfume. This keeps your drawers and your clothing suffused with a light dose of your signature scent. Note Fragrances offers a tutorial on making scented tissue paper drawer liners. You can also line your linen closet with sweetly scented tissue paper for beautifully scented sheets and towels. When you have to go out of town, a light hint of scent on your spouse’s pillow will keep your loved one thinking of you.

3. Store Your Fragrances Properly

Store Fragrances

Proper storage helps your fragrances last longer. To keep your perfume smelling fresh, avoid storing it in areas with high humidity. While the best time to apply perfume is right after a shower, the high levels of humidity in your bathroom can cause the components of your perfume to break down quickly. Furthermore, sunny spots such as a sunlit countertop or windowsill can degrade the chemical components of your perfume. Store your fragrances in a cool, dry, dark area such as a bedroom drawer or cupboard.

2. Avoid Overdoing It


You may think you smell amazing, but the opinions of those around you may be the opinions that matter. If your scent is so strong that others cough, sneeze, or avoid sharing air space with you, then you might be overdoing your scent. If you are able to detect the scent of your own perfume consistently throughout the day, you may have applied too much. If you receive comments or compliments on your scent, take note of how close the other person is. If someone is mentioning your perfume from across the room, the scent may be too strong or too thickly applied.

1. Be Mindful of Others

Be Mindful

Many people suffer from allergies or sensitivities to scents. Be aware of others and the very real issues of headache, difficulty breathing, and sneezing that can be triggered by perfumes. While you may love a fragrance, you probably also enjoy wearing it to be more attractive to others. If those around you are suffering due to your fragrance, you are probably not creating an inviting persona. Don’t take offense if someone you share a tight space with requests it be a fragrance-free zone. They may not be able to take advantage of the delights of wearing and enjoying a beautiful scent.

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