3. Moisturizer


Make your own soothing moisturizer to pamper your heels, hands, and body. Dena Norton at Back to the Book Nutrition shares a great recipe for an all-over body lotion that only requires “three minutes and three ingredients.” She uses pure shea butter, pure coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. She also suggests adding arrowroot powder or melted beeswax pastilles for a thicker cream. Whip up some of this lotion and treat your skin to an all-natural moisturizer that smells as good as it feels.

2. Exfoliation


For all over body exfoliation, try a cleansing sugar scrub or coffee scrub in your shower. To make the sugar scrub, combine white or brown sugar with olive oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Keep in an airtight container right in your shower for a refreshing exfoliant. While glass jars look cute, avoid the dangers of broken glass by choosing plastic containers. For another option, coffee scrubs feel great, smell delicious, and provide an eye-opening start to your morning. Combine coffee grounds, coconut oil, and brown sugar in an airtight plastic jar and enjoy a body scrub that smells good enough to eat.

1. Sunburn


Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is the number one priority in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. For those times when sunburn catches you off guard, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and water. This creates a cooling anti-inflammatory potion that will soothe your skin. Keep an aloe vera plant in your home for the soothing, all-natural properties of aloe vera gel that comes straight from the source.



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