12. Get Enough Exercise

Get Enough Exercise

Getting enough exercise improves circulation to your body, including to your face. As your skin receives the proper blood supply, it stays healthy and vibrant. This prevents the sagging that can contribute to the appearance of undereye bags. Exercising regularly also helps maintain a proper body weight and keeps your face, and eyes, from becoming puffy and bloated. Facial exercises may also help improve blood flow and tone the muscles of the face. Face yoga involves using the gentle pressure of your fingertips along with facial muscle relaxation to tone and strengthen the muscles of the face.

11. Get Enough Rest


Adequate sleep goes a long way toward supplying your body with the relaxation and restoration it needs for healthy function. While you sleep, your muscles are able to relax, providing relief from the daily stresses of frowning, concentrating, and fighting tension. Additionally, sleep allows your body the chance to restore and rejuvenate tired and worn tissues, including the delicate skin under the eyes. The positive effects of adequate sleep on the neurons of your brain allow you to wake up feeling bright-eyed, clear-headed, and ready to take on the day.

10. Adjust Your Sleep Position

Sleep Position

While sleep is important for keeping your eyes looking fresh and healthy, your sleep position may affect the appearance of undereye bags. Sleeping on your stomach can allow fluids to pool in the undereye area, resulting in eyes that look puffy upon awakening. Try sleeping on your back to allow gravity to drain extra fluid from the area beneath your eyes. If you prefer sleeping on your side, keeping your head elevated with an extra pillow may help prevent fluids from accumulating under your eyes.

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