9. Flush Out Sinus Congestion

Sinus Congestion

If allergies or a cold contribute to the pressure of sinus congestion beneath your eyes, you may want to irrigate your sinuses. Consider removing mucus and debris from your nasal passages with a clean neti pot filled with a sterile saline solution. To use the neti pot, stand over a sink with your head turned to the side. Next, while breathing through your mouth, gently pour the saline solution into your top nostril. As the fluid passes through the nasal cavity, fluid will drain into the sink from your lower nostril.

8. Remove Eye Makeup at Bedtime

Remove Eye Makeup

Allow the skin around your eyes to breathe by removing eye makeup before bedtime. Makeup can clog your pores and contribute to eye irritation that results in red, puffy eyes. For a natural eye makeup remover that gently removes makeup while moisturizing the skin, try fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil that has had long-chain fatty acids removed. This allows it to remain a liquid at room temperature and makes it ideal for use as a makeup remover.

7. Use a Cold Compress or Cucumber Slices

Cucumber Slices

Applying a cold compress to puffy undereye areas can relieve pressure and decrease the inflammation of swollen eye tissues. There are many simple home remedies for undereye swelling. You can keep a pair of spoons in the refrigerator to apply to early morning eye bags or the puffiness that occurs after a long day at work. Applying cool slices of cucumber to the eye area while reclining on the couch somehow feels as luxurious as a trip to the spa. Additionally, tea bags make useful compresses when chilled and placed over the eyes.

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