Cracked Heels

There is one thing no amount of makeup, fancy clothes or even shoes, at times, can cover up– cracked feet! Dry skin and harsh seasons like winter can cause your heels to crack. You can cover them up at work or even at home, but what do you do when you go to the beach? Or during the summer? If you have a mild case of dry or cracked heels, you should treat it immediately before it gets out of hand. Luckily, the remedy for cracked heels is often right in your home, and it’s natural! Try these seven natural remedies to treat your cracked heels and be ready to kick your shoes off without a worry.

7. Clean Up

Clean Up Feet

You should avoid soaking your feet or taking hot showers, as they can cause your feet to dry out. Instead, clean them during a shower or bath with lukewarm water. Several therapists suggest using sugar as a natural exfoliant on dry feet to clean them and remove dry skin. The British Homeopathic Association also suggests dipping your feet in a quick warm water salt soak at the end of the day.

6. Be Gentle and Cover Up

Cover Up

Be gentle after a bath or shower and opt to pat dry your feet and avoid being rough, as this can cause threads from the towel to get stuck in the cracks. Put on a pair of clean, soft socks made of natural or cotton fabrics and be sure to wear footwear all the time. Avoid using rough materials like wool directly on the cracked skin, as it can worsen the situation. Your footwear can also be contributing to the problem, so the use of high heels or flip flops should be kept to a minimum.


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