It Improves Electrolyte Balance


Notice how those athletes guzzle on energy drinks, run after run, drink after drink? They surely those need five vital electrolytes contained in that drink: sodium (in moderation), magnesium, calcium, potassium, and chloride. What they don’t need is the harmful impact of spoonfuls of sugar and caffeine also dumped into that drink.

This is where Himalayan salt trumps that energy drink, as the 84 minerals include those five electrolytes essential for peak health. A glass of Himalayan salt water will provide you with more energy than any Red Bull can, but with none of the side effects. Isn’t that what we all want?

Lowers Acidity and Improves Digestion


The “junk” we typically love to put into our mouth these days is highly acidic in content. French fries, pizzas, burgers; they are all serial offenders. Over time, this leaves us with an overloaded digestive system, significantly lowering our metabolic rate too. It’s one heck of a vicious cycle, and can even result in kidney stones and unprecedented weight gain.

This vicious cycle can be given a good u-turn by balancing the pH in your body so it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Himalayan salt sole can do this for you, healing your digestion and raising your metabolic level to its peak. To do this, make it a daily routine to drink one full glass of mineral-rich water, created as follows:

  • Soak Himalayan salt in a jar full of water (1:4 ratio). Stir, cover and leave overnight to sit. You will end up with Himalayan salt sole.
  • The next morning, mix 2-3 spoonfuls of this sole with normal drinking water in a glass and consume on an empty stomach to experience its healing benefits.
  • A small part of the salt will remain without dissolving into the water. This is okay. The sole can be used for days until it runs out. Also, avoid metal utensils (like the lid), as this can oxidize the water and cause more harm.

It Can Help Control Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Now this is sure to surprise you, as the medical community has led us to believe that salt in any form is packed with sodium and bad for our heart. Heart patients with high blood pressure are even put on a low-salt diet for this very reason. But as we have already learned, this is not the case with Himalayan salt.

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Further, this salt also dissolves easily in water. Therefore, unlike table salt, the little sodium content that does exist gets quickly absorbed and eliminated from your system. So you can safely consume moderate amounts of this salt in your food without adversely impacting your blood pressure.



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