A Himalayan Salt Bath Can Detox Your Body

Himalayan Salt Bath

If you love pampering yourself every other month at a luxurious spa, you are sure to appreciate getting the same detox, much more cheaply, right within the comfort of your home. And it is economical enough that you can treat yourself to a Himalayan salt-induced detox every other week!

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To do this, pour a cup of the salt into your lukewarm bath water and allow it to rest for a few minutes. Then soak in the goodness of those 84 beneficial minerals. Health experts suggest that we soak for no longer than 20 minutes, as this is more than enough to rejuvenate our entire body from the outside. Our skin is also revitalized by this natural energy kick.

It Decongests Your Adenoids and Respiratory System

Respiratory System

We can’t say this enough, as it is the retention of those 84 minerals that provide Himalayan salt with all of its magical properties. Consume it through your food, and you are cleansing and strengthening your body from the inside. Drink it every morning, and your stomach stays neutral and happy. Soak in its warm salts, and your body feels vibrant and alive. Another option to soak in its goodness is to simply inhale its miraculous properties.

For this, you can indulge in some “Spelotherapy” in special spas that are filled with this salt air. Merely inhaling it is enough to decongest the nostrils, ease pressure on the lungs, improve immunity against allergies, and heal the symptoms of various skin-related disorders like dermatitis.

You can also self-administer this therapy at home by investing in a salt inhaler. (You fill it with Himalayan salt mixed in hot water and inhale its vapors for 10-15 minutes.) This is especially beneficial if you struggle with allergies, as this can give you relief in minutes. Buy yourself some pretty Himalayan salt lamps too. They not only look good; they also purify the air within the room.

In summary, the benefits of Himalayan salt are potentially endless, as they create one big virtuous cycle for good health. However, this doesn’t mean you can go on a binge. While we recommend making the switch from table salt, we will still urge you to use it judiciously. Salt makes our food (and life) good, but it has its place and should never be used in excess.

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