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Salt: it is the spice of life. For those who delight in every morsel of their meal, giving up salt is akin to living a spiceless, cheerless life (or worse).

And yet, it is not uncommon for many people to be put on a low-salt diet, especially if you have a history of high blood pressure. This is because the salt we typically tend to consume – known as “table salt” – is less of a nutrient and more of an irritant.

The surprising truth is that table salt is industrially stripped of most minerals and nutrients before it reaches our table. The brighter, whiter, and shinier it is, the more industrial treatment it has gone through, and hence is lower in nutritional value. This kind of salt can dehydrate us. It also contains way too much sodium, which is always bad for your heart.

Does this mean salt is downright bad for our health? Or that we have to give it up completely? Fortunately, the answer is no. The trick lies in picking the right salt.

Enter Himalayan salt. Hand-mined from the foothills of the Himalaya mountain range in South Asia, this is considered among the purest varieties of salt available and is truly a rock star among its peers. It also helps that it does so much good for our entire being. In some places, it is even used in the treatment of cancer. Read on to find out seven important reasons why you should consider making the switch.

It Is Packed with 84 Essential Minerals, Including Iodine


There is a myth that this kind of salt is low in iodine, which is an essential nutrient. So let’s bust that one first. Himalayan salt comes brimming with 84 useful minerals. This is one powerhouse of mineral content, and yes, that includes iodine.

It also has less sodium content than table salt, making it another win. Finally, it is subject to far fewer chemical and industrial treatments, so the salt retains its natural flavor and chemical composition.

For instance, did you know that table salt undergoes an anti-clumping treatment, which also makes it less easy to dissolve in water? You can see this for yourself when you dump a spoonful of salt in a glass of water. Within minutes, the salt settles at the bottom.

The same thing gets replicated in our body, and we can end up with unhealthy salt deposits that not only dehydrate us, but can also clog our organs (particularly the heart). As if this isn’t bad enough, table salt is also cleaned and bleached using chemicals, so it can lure you with its shine. Unfortunately, this shine comes at a harmful, chemical cost.

On the other hand, Himalayan salt is sold in its pure crystal form – uneven shape, color and all. But when you serve it at your table, you can rest assured that your food (and your body) continues to have access to every one of those 84 beneficial minerals.

It Enhances Hydration and Balances Water Content


As Himalayan salt is sold in an unrefined form, it does not have the dehydrating properties of chemically treated salt. What’s more is that it has the ability to actively improve the absorption of mineral-rich water – the minerals coming from the salt itself – both inside and outside our cells.

Now consider a spoonful of this salt added to a glass of water. Leave it to rest for a bit, and you end up with “charged” water, charged powerfully with 84 essential minerals! You can imagine the dramatic healing this mineral-rich water can trigger. For this reason, you should consider introducing this salt not just into your cooking routine, but into your bathing and breathing routines too. Find out more below.

It Improves Electrolyte Balance


Notice how those athletes guzzle on energy drinks, run after run, drink after drink? They surely those need five vital electrolytes contained in that drink: sodium (in moderation), magnesium, calcium, potassium, and chloride. What they don’t need is the harmful impact of spoonfuls of sugar and caffeine also dumped into that drink.

This is where Himalayan salt trumps that energy drink, as the 84 minerals include those five electrolytes essential for peak health. A glass of Himalayan salt water will provide you with more energy than any Red Bull can, but with none of the side effects. Isn’t that what we all want?

Lowers Acidity and Improves Digestion


The “junk” we typically love to put into our mouth these days is highly acidic in content. French fries, pizzas, burgers; they are all serial offenders. Over time, this leaves us with an overloaded digestive system, significantly lowering our metabolic rate too. It’s one heck of a vicious cycle, and can even result in kidney stones and unprecedented weight gain.

This vicious cycle can be given a good u-turn by balancing the pH in your body so it is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. Himalayan salt sole can do this for you, healing your digestion and raising your metabolic level to its peak. To do this, make it a daily routine to drink one full glass of mineral-rich water, created as follows:

  • Soak Himalayan salt in a jar full of water (1:4 ratio). Stir, cover and leave overnight to sit. You will end up with Himalayan salt sole.
  • The next morning, mix 2-3 spoonfuls of this sole with normal drinking water in a glass and consume on an empty stomach to experience its healing benefits.
  • A small part of the salt will remain without dissolving into the water. This is okay. The sole can be used for days until it runs out. Also, avoid metal utensils (like the lid), as this can oxidize the water and cause more harm.

It Can Help Control Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

Now this is sure to surprise you, as the medical community has led us to believe that salt in any form is packed with sodium and bad for our heart. Heart patients with high blood pressure are even put on a low-salt diet for this very reason. But as we have already learned, this is not the case with Himalayan salt.

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Further, this salt also dissolves easily in water. Therefore, unlike table salt, the little sodium content that does exist gets quickly absorbed and eliminated from your system. So you can safely consume moderate amounts of this salt in your food without adversely impacting your blood pressure.

A Himalayan Salt Bath Can Detox Your Body

Himalayan Salt Bath

If you love pampering yourself every other month at a luxurious spa, you are sure to appreciate getting the same detox, much more cheaply, right within the comfort of your home. And it is economical enough that you can treat yourself to a Himalayan salt-induced detox every other week!

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To do this, pour a cup of the salt into your lukewarm bath water and allow it to rest for a few minutes. Then soak in the goodness of those 84 beneficial minerals. Health experts suggest that we soak for no longer than 20 minutes, as this is more than enough to rejuvenate our entire body from the outside. Our skin is also revitalized by this natural energy kick.

It Decongests Your Adenoids and Respiratory System

Respiratory System

We can’t say this enough, as it is the retention of those 84 minerals that provide Himalayan salt with all of its magical properties. Consume it through your food, and you are cleansing and strengthening your body from the inside. Drink it every morning, and your stomach stays neutral and happy. Soak in its warm salts, and your body feels vibrant and alive. Another option to soak in its goodness is to simply inhale its miraculous properties.

For this, you can indulge in some “Spelotherapy” in special spas that are filled with this salt air. Merely inhaling it is enough to decongest the nostrils, ease pressure on the lungs, improve immunity against allergies, and heal the symptoms of various skin-related disorders like dermatitis.

You can also self-administer this therapy at home by investing in a salt inhaler. (You fill it with Himalayan salt mixed in hot water and inhale its vapors for 10-15 minutes.) This is especially beneficial if you struggle with allergies, as this can give you relief in minutes. Buy yourself some pretty Himalayan salt lamps too. They not only look good; they also purify the air within the room.

In summary, the benefits of Himalayan salt are potentially endless, as they create one big virtuous cycle for good health. However, this doesn’t mean you can go on a binge. While we recommend making the switch from table salt, we will still urge you to use it judiciously. Salt makes our food (and life) good, but it has its place and should never be used in excess.

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