You see so many of those shampoo ads with gals showing beautiful wavy, shiny, gorgeous curls. How do they do it? You try it and it never looks the same. Do you ever wonder if you could change your dull, split ends and uneven hair into that long, silky-looking head of hair for yourself?

You think they must be spending a lot of time in the hair salon or hours prepping their hair. Well surprisingly, not really, say many of those women.

Without further ado, let’s give you a few of the tips and products these women suggest that can give you, too, that gorgeous hair you’ve always desired.

7. Wash Less, Not More

Avoiding Showers

In general, the consensus is to limit how many times you wash your hair. For almost everybody, it is too dehydrating and you rid the body of its natural oils. Two to three times a week seems to be the best, unless you have extremely oily or sweaty hair then you may have to wash every other day. Find which product works best for you and then stick with it. You do not need a fancy or expansive shampoo, but do use a natural, less preservative-added product.

6. Use Conditioner in Between Washes

Shampoos And Conditioners

Hair conditioner leaves your hair soft and hydrated. You can use it in place of shampoo, or use dry shampoo. It can help keep in moisture, give you shine and help with dry split ends. This works well for touching up tresses on the bottom half of your hair. Many of these women said they only use conditioner after shampooing once a week.

5. Only Trim Your Hair About Four Times a Year

Hair Cutting

Many of these women with long beautiful tresses said that they do not get regular trims. The belief is that trimming too often may prevent you from getting really long hair even though you do it to help splitting or to break ends. So, only maybe four times a year when you start to see more split ends.

4. Avoid or Decrease Using Heat on Your Hair

Hair Salon

Anything like a curling or flat iron, blow dryer, or straightener is better avoided since heat dries your hair and even burns it, causing breakage. “If you do need to use heat, always spray a heat protector on the hair first, before adding heat”, says Eve Galminche, Arrojo top hair colorist. Some recommend Bio Silk Therapy. Air dry your hair for best results.

3. Limit How Much You Brush Your Hair

Brushing Your Hair

Brushing, especially when the hair is wet, causes breakage of your hair. Brush lightly when dry, and use coconut or argan oil on ends to repair the damage. They do not recommend drying hair with a towel; only use it to pat or squeeze out excess water. Rubbing causes friction and increases frizzy split ends. Many of these women said they used their fingers to brush and separate out their hair tangles.

2. No Tight Ponytails

When you pull your hair back, instead of a tight rubber band or hand band, use a scrunchie or do a bun or braid. This keeps it looser and it will cause less breakage.

1. Follow a Good Diet

Healthy Diet

Anything you eat can reflect on your external appearance; this is common sense. Eat well and use more natural products on your hair and skin. “A diet rich in zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help stimulate your hair follicles to grow,” says Dr. Robert Dorin, a New York board-certified diplomat for the American Board of Hair Restoration. All of these food and external care products absorb into your body and it shows on the outside.


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