Your face is usually the first thing others notice about you. It relays your emotions, hints at your personality, and expresses your individuality. What you might not realize is that it also can reveal information about your health. Those laugh lines around your eyes might indicate more than just a jovial personality, and those forehead wrinkles might hint at more than just a tendency to be deep in thought. Read on for eight health concerns your wrinkles might expose.

8. You May Have Early Heart Disease

Heart Disease

A diagonal crease across the earlobe, known as bilateral diagonal earlobe crease (DELC), may be a sign of heart disease. This crease, also called “Frank’s sign,” has been studied to see if there is a correlation between DELC and coronary artery disease. A study in India found that the appearance of this crease can be an early indicator of heart disease. The blood vessels in both the earlobe and the heart are supplied by tiny blood vessels called “end arteries”, and both suffer as a result of decreased circulation.

7. You May Have High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

A study by scientists from Unilever and Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that women who appeared younger than their age were likely to have low blood pressure. In this case, the feature that appeared to link youthful appearance to lowered risk of heart disease was “sag” of the face. Of course, the best way to maintain youthful skin and decrease your risk of blood pressure is to consume a diet made up of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.


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