Facial Wrinkles

Aging is something we really can’t avoid or prevent in any way. Eventually, all our organs start to show signs of aging, including our largest organ: the skin. 

Unfortunately, the skin starts to shows aging really quickly, although some body parts show it earlier than others. Here are the parts that show signs of aging first and how you can prevent it. 

9. Hands

Odors Hands

The most notable signs of aging are in your hands, which is even more common if you are a woman. 

According to dermatological studies, the loss of your skin elasticity and volume in the back of your hands can be caused by hormonal changes. As a result of these changes, the skin starts to look crepey, and the veins may look and grow very prominent. 

Moreover, these aging signs are more conspicuous because the hands are seldom covered, meaning they develop spots due to continued exposure to sunshine. Something you can do to minimize the effect of sunshine on your skin is to wear gloves or start using sunscreen on your hands. Taking care of your hands, moisturizing them constantly, and protecting them against sun exposure will keep them looking younger. 

8. Forehead

Using Chicken Poop To Prevent Baldness

Your forehead could become the first place to show signs of aging due to wrinkles. These wrinkles are formed when you scrunch your face to show deep expressions. Because of this, the wrinkles leave marks that show the signs of aging. 

To minimize the effects of wrinkles on your face, you need to use products that contain retinol, which increases collagen and reduces wrinkles and dead skin. As a result, the skin on your face will always look softer and brighter, hiding the signs of aging. 


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