Honey works great in tea, but this natural remedy also locks in moisture on the driest of days. It is packed with antioxidants, antimicrobials, and vitamins that will make your skin flourish and glow. You can apply the honey directly to your skin and let it set for five to ten minutes before showering, or you can make a body mask, which consists of beeswax, olive oil, and honey. Either way continued use is key in remaining with a healthy soft touch.


Like milk, yogurt has the lactic acid that helps relieve the itch left behind by the dry winter. This product will hydrate your skin into looking fresh once again. Try massaging the yogurt into your hands and feet before showering. This will help remove any leftover dry skin, leaving you feeling refreshed. You can also try a body mask, by mixing a half cup of yogurt with a few drops of honey and lemon and let it sit all over your body for ten minutes before rinsing with cold water.


Avocados are jammed pack with antioxidant carotenoids, vitamins and fatty acids that will restore your natural glow and soothe the dehydrated skin. This vegetable can be ingested or used externally. A popular option is to start by mashing up half an avocado and rubbing it directly on the skin for restoration. Let it dry for about ten minutes then rinse off in the shower. In addition, you may add a daily regiment of half an avocado to rebuild hydrated skin from the inside out.

Almond Oil

This specific type of oil is loaded with vitamin E, which is a natural lubricant for the skin. Furthermore, this is a type of oil that doesn’t feel greasy so will quickly be absorbed into the skin. Almond oil is excellent when warmed up and massaged into your exterior. Do this at least a half hour before the shower to get the full benefits. You can also add a teaspoon into a glass of milk before bed, and have your skin rejuvenate from the inside out while you are fast asleep.



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