Gray Hair

While there are some people who proudly welcome a silver mane, there are others who face the arrival of gray hair with terror. If you happen to fall into the latter category, scientists are researching ways to prevent these tiny gray hairs. So what exactly are they discovering? Here are nine things to know about gray hair.

9. Normal Aging Is the Culprit


This one is no surprise. Dermatologists call this the 50-50-50 rule. “Fifty percent of the population has about 50 percent gray hair at age 50,” said Dr. Anthony Oro, professor of dermatology at Stanford University. And skin and hair change in texture with age, said Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd, director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

8. Ethnicity Matters


Caucasians tend to show gray hair earlier, and redheads show the earliest of all. Asians show gray hair a little later, and African-Americans usually show gray hair the latest.


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