Skin Icing

If you have less than stellar skin and have been looking for remedies, you’ve probably come across skin icing in your searches. You may be skeptical about trying this one out or just turned off by the idea of extreme cold on your skin, but there are some minor benefits to this unusual practice. There is evidence that cold temperatures in general, while uncomfortable, can have positive effects on our bodies Consider these five ideas for skin icing:

Glowing skin

Glowing Skin

A proper skin icing can give the appearance of radiant skin. This happens because of the way the body responds to external temperature. When the temperature drops, the blood vessels near the skin constrict, and blood is pushed inwards to protect the body. This can give your skin a pale, almost glowing look; in the case of skin icing, this temperature drop is only temporary, so once you finish, blood vessels will expand, and will return to the surface, providing a warm glowing tone to your skin.

Wake Up Call

Trouble Waking Up

If you find that you often have trouble waking up in the morning, then this is the tip for you. Skin icing, or even an ice cold facial bath, is the next best thing to a full-blown shower. It’s a quick way to get alert and energized. Exposure to sudden cold brings a shock to the nervous system; you can think of it like a mild version of the ‘fight or flight’ response, where your body is triggered to respond to outside stimuli. In this case, there is no danger, but the alertness will get you moving that much faster.



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