4. Try VBeam Laser


Sadly, even with the best preventatives, you might still develop broken capillaries. If you are looking for ways to combat the unsightly blemishes, then try VBeam laser, which is a common treatment option.

The VBeam laser can emit 595 nanometers of ultraviolet light that red absorbs. The blood vessel heats quickly and stats to explode. The broken capillary then bruises and is absorbed by the body. Over time, the broken capillary shrivels and starts to disappear.

The higher the heat used, the greater the chance of bruising. After treatment, a bruise might develop that will last from five to seven days before it starts to disappear. When lower heat is used, the bruising is not as severe, but the broken capillary may require several treatments before it starts to heal and disappear.

Ideally, you should always talk with your physician to determine if you need high heat or low heat to treat the broken capillaries.

3. Broad Band Light Therapy (BBL)

Broad Band Light Therapy

BBL is like VBeam therapy. They both rely on a laser that emits multiple wavelengths. Usually, the 560-nanometer wavelength is used to target the broken capillaries. However, a BBL laser can also treat acne, brown spots, and skin texture problems.

Unlike the VBeam, red does not pick up the BBL laser as easily. Usually, patients will require several treatments before they start to report results.

2. Don’t Rely on Electrodesiccation

Spider Veins On Leg

For years electrodesiccation has been used to treat broken capillaries. The system cauterizes the broken blood vessels. However, lasers are now the gold standard and much safer. With electrodesiccation, severe scarring can occur, so it’s best to avoid the outdated treatment method and always go with the modern laser choices.

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1. Use a Topical Treatment


Vitamin A creams (tretinoin) work well on broken capillaries because they work to boost the collagen levels in the skin. Extra collagen helps to minimize the appearance of broken capillaries. Ideally, you should use the cream or serum every day to fight inflammation and strengthen your failing capillary system’s walls.


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