3. Exercise and Strength Training

Bridge Exercise

For lesser skin loss or for those who do not want surgery, you can help build muscle and tighten skin fibers better if you have not lost all your collagen. Get a trainer to help with specific muscle work for each area. This will take time and helps more of the inner tissue to build up, meaning you will still have some loose skin on the outermost layer of tissue.

2. Supplements to Build More Collagen


You can add some collagen protein supplements or bone broth to your diet to help your tissue regain some elasticity. Protein, amino acids and vitamin C can aid in the the synthesis of collagen. Omega-3 fatty acids also help with skin elasticity, while water improves skin function and appearance. There are some firming creams on the market, but they may only work temporarily, even on areas with a small amount of excess skin.

1. Other Medical Treatments

Stomach Massage

Infrared light, or radio frequency, treatments such as Velashape and massage therapy do help in certain areas, but will not result in as dramatic of a change in appearance as body contouring surgery.

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