Ginger for Gorgeous Skin

What do you think of when you hear the word ginger? You might think of gingerbread cookies, or maybe condiments at sushi are what come to mind. The health conscious may know that ginger is touted for its medicinal properties. While more research needs to be done, ginger is considered a natural health mineral. Not interested in gnawing on raw root? It’s available in a number of recipes and forms, it’s affordable, and it benefits the human body in many ways. Are you making the most of this powerful herb? Read on to learn about 9 beneficial uses of ginger.

Skin health

Skin health

Ginger can slow down the aging process of your skin. This includes the spots, fine lines, and wrinkles that tend to come with old age. These imperfections come about largely in part due to inflammation, which ginger controls quite well. Drinking ginger tea is a great way to get the ginger you need on a daily basis, which also conveniently gives you the opportunity to mix in other helpful herbs, minerals, and nutrients. Ginger will also improve both your skin tone, as well as the elasticity of your skin; it is best applied topically to be used in this manner.

Acne treatment

acne treatment

Speaking of skin health, ginger is also capable of dealing with pimples and acne. Unlike commercial applications sold in stores, ginger contains no harsh chemicals, which means it won’t damage the skin it’s supposed to be protecting. Even the most sensitive skin will not be harmed by ginger. Ginger kills off excess bacteria that cause breakouts and also cleanses the oily conditions that make them possible. Additionally, it can soothe sore or reddened areas in the process. A cotton ball dipped in cooled ginger tea is best; then apply it like a spot ‘spa’ treatment to handle pimples and acne.

Burn Control


Ginger is also helpful for soothing minor burns. A lukewarm wash of ginger will help to eliminate bacteria in the affected area, which keeps your minor injury from becoming a more substantial one; this means you’ll heal a little faster and feel a lot better. This advice holds true for sunburns as well, which makes enjoying cold ginger tea on a hot summer day a great plan. If you’ve not got a glass on hand, prepare ginger tea and refrigerate it for a few minutes; use a cotton pad to apply it. Crushed ginger root also works magic on sunburns.

(non)Battle Scar removal

Scar Removal

Still concerned about your skin? Ginger can help you achieve a glowing complexion and clear away light colored scars from your skin. While remedies for larger, dark colored scars are easier to come by, ginger is one of the few ways available to handle the lighter variety. This is accomplished with very thin slices of ginger root; secure them over the scar with a piece of tape and leave it in place for 45 minutes or so. Daily usage for a week will improve the appearance of your scars. More concerned about complexion? Rub those ginger slices in small circles.