Burn Control


Ginger is also helpful for soothing minor burns. A lukewarm wash of ginger will help to eliminate bacteria in the affected area, which keeps your minor injury from becoming a more substantial one; this means you’ll heal a little faster and feel a lot better. This advice holds true for sunburns as well, which makes enjoying cold ginger tea on a hot summer day a great plan. If you’ve not got a glass on hand, prepare ginger tea and refrigerate it for a few minutes; use a cotton pad to apply it. Crushed ginger root also works magic on sunburns.

(non)Battle Scar removal

Scar Removal

Still concerned about your skin? Ginger can help you achieve a glowing complexion and clear away light colored scars from your skin. While remedies for larger, dark-colored scars are easier to come by, ginger is one of the few ways available to handle the lighter variety. This is accomplished with very thin slices of ginger root; secure them over the scar with a piece of tape and leave it in place for 45 minutes or so. Daily usage for a week will improve the appearance of your scars. More concerned about complexion? Rub those ginger slices in small circles.

Cellulite reduction


As a side effect of applying ginger to the skin in circular motions, you’ll be promoting blood circulation. Improved blood circulation has a number of incredible benefits, including lower blood pressure. However, one of the lesser known effects of good blood flow, and by extension ginger, is a reduction in cellulite levels. Skin contact with ginger on its own is inefficient. Instead, consider a remedy made from olive oil, sugar, lemon zest, and of course, grated ginger. On a regular basis, massage this combination in locations where you have cellulite (preferably in the shower) for several minutes at a time.



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