Abdominal Skin Removal

Excess skin is an issue that affects many people worldwide. If you’re an overweight person and you start to reduce weight, there is a possibility that you’ll have excess skin. 

Sometimes it’s annoying, and other times it can be even dangerous, but don’t let the excess skin affect your progress. It’s 2021, and there’s a way for you to get rid of that excess skin. Here’s what you need to know about excess skin and how to get rid of it. 

6. What Causes Excess Skin?

Excess Skin

The elasticity of your skin allows it to contract and expand around your body’s changing frame. However, this elasticity varies with people depending on the general health and the specific skin health. 

Another factor is the weight people lose. How fast you lose weight won’t necessarily decide if you’ll end up with excess skin or not. Some people say excess skin happens because you lose weight fast, but that’s not always the case. 

While some people experience a smooth transition in their skin’s contraction after losing weight, others end up with excess skin, especially after losing more than 30% of their total body weight. You may also end up with excess skin after undergoing bariatric surgery, which involves losing a sizeable amount of your weight at once. 

In women, excess skin can develop around their bellies when they lose weight post-pregnancy. This can be more pronounced if the woman has delivered more than one baby at once. 

Furthermore, excess skin could happen if you lose too much weight through exercise or an improved diet. Although it is believed that losing weight gradually doesn’t result in excess skin due to enough time for the skin to contract, incidences of excess skin have been reported and observed in people that lose weight either gradually or rapidly.  

5. Does Excess Skin Happen to Everyone?

Amounts Of Fat

Excess skin doesn’t occur in everyone that resorts to a diet or embarks on a more serious exercise routine. However, you may experience excess skin if you lose too much weight after being overweight for too long. You will likely end up with excess skin commonly found around the legs, arms, midsection, and neck. 

Fortunately, excess skin is not a health threat, and some people with this problem have found ways of accepting their new condition. In contrast, others find it rather embarrassing, uncomfortable, and painful. 


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