makeup look that age you

Makeup can be a fun, non-permanent way to completely transform your every day look and immediately boost your self-confidence. Whether you go for a bold, natural, or understated face, the right makeup can mean the difference between an “eh” day and an amazing day. A simple sweep of mascara along the lashes or blush along the cheekbone can turn you from blah to ta-da. But with great power comes great responsibility. The mismatched shade of your lip liner or the wrong shade of blush can age you up to 10 years.

9. Mismatched Lip Liner

mismatched lipliner

While not a totally necessary step in lipstick application, lip liner is essentially the primer for lipstick. The benefits include defining your lip line, keeping your lipstick in place, and making your lips look fuller. Nothing ruins a perfectly great coffee date, meeting, or brunch like lipstick color that has migrated farther than birds flying south for the winter. But what’s worse than lipstick that won’t stay? A mustache. Which is exactly what you will be sporting if you fail to match and shade in your lip liner color properly. To avoid a Dali inspired mustache, be sure to shade your liner in the direction of your natural lip.

8. Skipping Your Brows

skipping eyebrows

Eyebrows are the hottest facial accessories right now.  Just like eyelashes, eyebrows are prone to thinning with age. Full brows indicate youthfulness and vitality. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have retained most of your brow over the years, simply filling in the brows in the morning can take 5-10 years off your age. Be sure to match your brow pencil to your brow color as best you can. You want your brows to look as naturally well defined as possible. Boudreaux colored brows are just as bad as no brows.


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