7. Overly Powdered Face

overly powdered

Whether you knew it or not, oily skin and acne is not reserved strictly for your teenage years. If you still struggle with oily skin, you probably use a loose powder to set your makeup,  to keep your face perfectly matte. If you’re fortunate enough to not suffer from oily skin, then you want to skip loose powder altogether. Loose powders have a knack for highlighting fine lines and wrinkles—the ultimate age giveaway.

6. Not Using Sunscreen


While not a traditional “makeup mistake,” skipping a layer of sunscreen before you dive into your face is a mistake. No amount of makeup can fake a youthful appearance when the skin underneath is sun-damaged.  Daunting, as it may seem, applying sunscreen is an absolutely necessary step for staying youthful. If you truly can’t bear to add another step to your morning routine, look for a foundation or tinted moisturizer with at least SPF 25. Choosing a face makeup with added sunscreen is an investment in yourself and your health.

5. Not Using Moisturizer


The second most important step before ever applying any makeup is using moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, your face needs moisture in order to preserve its youthful appearance. Not only does moisturizer keep your skin fresh and supple, it provides a clean and smooth surface for your foundation to glide across on. If you insist on only moisturizing at night, consider a moisturizing or matte primer prior to foundation application. A primer or moisturizer prior to foundation application prevents foundation and powder from sinking into fine lines and wrinkles.



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