4. Heavy Black Eye Liner

black eyeliner

Dark, mysterious with the perfect dash of dramatics heavy liner can be difficult to pull off. Save the drama for your mama and leave the overly lined eyes for that raccoon that won’t stop tipping over your garbage can. Our lashes and brows thin out as we age, so it’s easy to want to overcompensate. However, the dark pigment highlights any fine lines and wrinkles you have near your eyes, leaving no room for mystery about your age.

3. Bright Colored Eye Makeup

bright eyeshadow

Unless you went to bed and woke up in 1962, put the blue eyeliner down. Sure bright colors are fun, but they don’t belong on your face after the age of 20. Perhaps you still like to hit up the club on Saturday nights, then sure go wild; it’s an anything-goes kind of place. But your everyday makeup need not remind everyone you fear your own mortality. If you’re looking for something to add color and make your eyes pop, opt for a brown or gray eyeliner. Remember, your makeup is meant to highlight your natural beauty.

2. Applying Blush Incorrectly


Want that after-sweat flush and rosy cheek looks without, you know, the sweat? The right shade of blush can give you that, well, blushing look. However, applied incorrectly, you can look more like a circus clown than a blushing beauty.  Whether you’re using a powder or cream blush, color looks best on the cheekbone sweeping upwards towards your temples. Avoid placing color directly on the apples of your cheeks as this can make you look clown-like or juvenile.

1. Lip Gloss


Ah, lip-gloss. The sticky, sweet-smelling lacquer every 8-14-year-old loves. But if you’re an adult who wants to be taken seriously, it’s time to switch out your 2004 Juicy Tube for respectable rouge. Sure, lip gloss made you feel like you had a kissable pout as a tween, but now that you’re an adult, it just kind of makes your lips look like a glazed donut. Save your nostalgia for something like dark-wash flared denim and chunky platforms. No one is stopping you from reviving your youth, but just remember that when you wore lip-gloss, you also probably thought pink glitter eyeshadow was acceptable.



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