Peppermint Oil

Are you a fan of peppermint? It is quite popular for a lot of people, well known for its cool and tingly sensation. However, peppermint is more than just a chilly flavor. It actually has some benefits that you might not expect. When used in essential oil form, it can contribute to health and contentment in a variety of ways. While the scientific backing for some of these benefits has room for improvement, what we know so far is quite encouraging.

20. Exercise


Some studies have found that peppermint oil can contribute to better exercise performance. Because of its unique effects, peppermint oil cannot only instantly improve performance but also do so for long-term performance in a number of ways. For example, it can increase power, reduce reaction time, and improve respiratory function. That’s not to say you should start chowing down on thin mints before your run, but if you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, the ingestion of peppermint can invigorate you, body and mind, giving you a more rewarding workout.

19. Energizing


If you find yourself looking for an alternative to coffee or energy drinks, you may want to consider peppermint instead. Even if you don’t plan to dive into a workout, Peppermint oil can bring you energy and focus for your day. You don’t have to consume it; even just inhaling it can help make you a little more alert, though a cup or two of peppermint tea would not hurt as well.



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