18. Cooling Relief

Cooling Relief

It goes without saying that peppermint can lead to cooling relief. The tingling sensation it provides can be soothing, particularly as it warms nearby tissue. This may help some people to feel less pain and soreness in their muscles after an injury or a really tough workout. It may also help with some muscle related chronic pain conditions, although there is room for more research on the matter. In the meantime, however, the cool sensation of peppermint can help people feel good in general, particularly in amorous situations.

17. Calming Effects

Calming Effects

The cooling effects of peppermint can soothe your body, but peppermint can also help you mentally and emotionally. You may enjoy the scent of peppermint, but not think of its role in aromatherapy; however, it may prove beneficial for those tough days. While peppermint can get you excited and energized, it’s tingly sensations can also help you relax and unload your stress. For maximum effect, consider mixing in some lavender oil, which also helps with relaxation, but has been linked to improved memory as well.

16. Joint Pain

Joint Pain
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Much like the cooling muscle relief mentioned at an earlier point, peppermint oil and other oils can also help relieve pain associated with joint issues. For this reason, it is popular among those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, as it may help to alleviate some of the pain associated with the illness. Externally, it can provide a cooling sensation to the affected joint. Internally, it can play a role in alleviating inflammation, which otherwise contributes to the pain and stiffness of joints.



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