15. Itch Relief

Itch Relief

If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, this one’s for you. After all, that cool, then hot tingling feeling brought on by mint doesn’t just generally feel good for the skin. When peppermint essential oil is applied topically, it can provide relief from conditions such as pruritus, otherwise known as extreme itching. This relief comes in two parts- aside from the effects of peppermint’s natural cool sensations, the fact that it is in essential oil form can help the skin to retain moisture. This is beneficial, given the fact that extreme dryness is one of the key factors involved in itching.

14. Acne


Dry, itchy skin is not the only sort of dermal problem that peppermint oil can resolve. Acne can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem. Fortunately, peppermint oil may play a role in combatting it. Applied topically to the affected area, peppermint oil can fight off the bacteria that make the skin oily and cause blockages. Of course, it will also leave your skin smelling nice and fresh. Overall, it makes a nice, natural alternative to chemical acne treatments and skin moisturizers.

13. Sunburn

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If you’ve ever suffered a sunburn you know they are anything but fun. The pain. The redness. The itching. The peeling. All in all, it can be a miserable experience. Fortunately, peppermint oil can help some in your recovery. It will reduce the pain and itching, and on top of that, it will also help you keep your skin hydrated. You may consider mixing in other essential oils as well.



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