3. Headache Relief

Headache Relief

Do you suffer from migraines or tension headaches? If so, you may find yourself reaching for painkillers quite often. While they are fine in small doses, too many painkillers in a short period of time can endanger your health. Fortunately, peppermint oil can provide you some relief. Some research has suggested that applying peppermint oil topically to the head can help reduce pain associated with headaches. Be quick about it, though. It seems that peppermint oil is most effective when it is applied at the onset of a migraine.

2. Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent

While peppermint may have a pleasing scent and provide soothing relief to humans, insects enjoy it much less. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to commercial, chemical-based insect repellants, consider giving peppermint oil a try. It, along with other essential oils, such as thyme and patchouli can stave off insects, most notably mosquitos for hours at a time when prepared in the right concentration. Consider mixing multiple essential oils to improve longevity or pure peppermint oil for a stronger effect.

1. Hunger Suppression

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If you are trying to lose weight, you might that it’s difficult, partially because you’ll have to fight off cravings all the time. Fortunately, there’s some evidence to suggest that peppermint oil can help combat those cravings. According to a study in 2008, participants who made a point to inhale peppermint oil every two hours for five days ended up having less of an appetite and had fewer cravings overall than those who did not smell peppermint oil. Generally, being hungry less means fewer calories consumed, and fewer cravings mean those calories will (hopefully) be of a higher quality.



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