Calluses on your feet can cause pain and discomfort, but can also be an unpleasant sight, making you feel insecure. Ever wonder how these bumpy areas on the skin come to be? After pressure and friction from repetitive activities, the skin begins to develop corns and calluses. Wearing tight-fitting shoes like high heels can compress certain areas of your feet and cause calluses around your toes and heels. Loose footwear can also cause calluses, as the foot can repeatedly slide and rub against the shoe. Instead of having your doctor slice your calluses off with a knife (ouch!), try these 11 home remedies that will help you with your callus problem.

11. Soak and File


Soak the calluses in warm water for five to 10 minutes to soften the hard skin. Using a wet pumice stone, gently file away at the callus, using a circular motion to remove the dead skin. Be careful not to remove too much skin by rubbing, as you can cause bleeding and infection.

10. Moisturize


Regularly using moisturizer on your feet can help soften hard skin. Using natural oils like coconut oil and sesame oil can also work great as moisturizers, as they keep your skin from drying out and form a protective barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. Make sure your skin is slightly damp when applying moisturizer, as it is known to be more effective.


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