Hospitalized After Pedicure

Every once in a while, it’s great to treat yourself. Life can be stressful, and getting a chance to unwind can really re-energize you. In some circles, this is called self-care. Essentially, self-care is taking the time to care of your own social, emotional, and other needs to ensure life does not overwhelm you, as often the self is consumed by all of our responsibilities. It’s important for everyone. In any case, for some, self-care may take the form of drinks and dancing with friends, curling up in a man cave, or just generally treating oneself to something good for once.

In one woman’s case, however, the attempt for stress-free relaxation may have ended up causing her even more stress. A woman who went in for a pedicure apparently began experiencing strange symptoms in her foot after the procedure. While the occasional twinge of pain may not seem like a big deal, sometimes it’s a sign of something more serious.  In this woman’s case, continued pain and weakness in her foot and leg were definitely cause for alarm. Aside from the pain, there were other symptoms, such as her foot turning black, within a number of hours after the pedicure.

The woman was taken to the hospital for answers, and there, the doctors discovered a deep abscess on the big toe of her left foot. They then concluded that she had come down with a serious bacterial infection. This infection required immediate surgery; afterward, the woman was hospitalized for a week. Even after departing from the hospital, she was regulated to in-home care, including an IV line that she must remain attached to for six weeks or so. As you can imagine, this infection proved rather serious and especially devastating for the woman in question, whose wedding is fast approaching.

At this time, there appears to be no evidence that the pedicure is responsible for this massive infection that started in the toe and moved into her bones. It is possible for a pedicure to lead to infection if certain precautions are not taken correctly, or too much force is used during the procedure. According to the woman, she recalled that the nail technician was being rough with her, despite her requests for more gentle work. Furthermore, it has come to light that the salon in question passed ‘most’, but not necessarily all of its recent health and safety inspections.

In general, the nature of pedicures makes them something of an ideal environment for infection, especially if proper sanitation protocols are not followed. A lot of sharp tools are used near sensitive areas, and can very easily cut open skin, exposing the body to infection. This is especially true if the tools have not been cleaned and sanitized properly since their last use, which means they could still be harboring dangerous infectious agents from a previous customer, or some other source. That does not mean that everyone should swear off pedicures- just that one must exercise caution when getting them.

When getting any sort of nail work done professionally, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure a safe, minimal risk procedure. Looking up any prospective salon according to the information on Safe Salon Rating is not a bad place to start. Asking to see the technician’s license is also important, as is a careful observation of the tools and the stations, to ensure that they are clean and orderly. If possible, it may also be worthwhile to examine the cleaning of the foot tub. Finally, one can bring a personal set of tools to be used by the technician.

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While things went south in the case of this pedicure, such procedures themselves can be a great way to relax, provided the appropriate steps are taken by all parties. It’s important to know the nail salon well (if not personally, via their reputation in the community, safety standards, etc.) and ensure that they follow requests accordingly. In general, it’s also critical to monitor any unusual changes in our bodies that could lead to serious problems, rather than ignoring or overlooking them. In this woman’s case, a nice pleasure became something of a significant inconvenience. Fortunately, it did not become life-threatening.


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