12 Inexpensive Household Items that Help You Lose Weight

12 Inexpensive Household Items that Help You Lose Weight

Forget expensive trainers or fancy gym memberships. You don’t need tons of extra cash to start losing weight today. In fact, some of the most effective tools will run you under $50, and you may already have several of them laying around. Read ahead for 12 inexpensive household items that help you lose weight:


  1. Running Shoes

Having a go-to pair of workout shoes is the first step (pun intended) towards more exercise in your day. While some upscale brands can get pricey, a basic pair of tennis shoes won’t run you more than 50 bucks. Look for ones that are comfortable, attractive, and offer good support during your walk or run. That support will keep injuries at bay, as well as protect your lower back from pain. Be sure to replace your shoes every few months depending on the frequency and intensity of your workouts, though. Worn out shoes could easily cause a twisted ankle.

  1. Jump Rope

Remember those silly jump rope workouts of the ‘80s? Well maybe they were onto something. Jump ropes are super cheap, under $10 in most stores and they really get you sweating. Just ten minutes of jumping rope could torch 100 calories, and it’s small enough to pack in a bag if you are traveling or commuting to an office. Be sure to land softly to avoid knee injuries, and keep your heels down before you take off to maintain proper form.

  1. Water Infuser

You probably keep hearing that drinking enough water will contribute to overall health and weight loss–and it’s true. Not only does water provide you with adequate hydration, it keeps you full and satisfied and helps with practically every major bodily function, from digestion to organ health. But maybe plain water doesn’t sound appetizing to you. If so, a water infuser is the perfect solution. At a low cost (about $20) you can infuse your plain water with natural flavors, like lemon or cucumber or mint. You’ll be surprised at how much water you’ll drink

  1. Headphones

Nowadays streaming music is very easily available, some at very little or no cost at all. One of the best ways to start sweating at home is to have a motivating playlist to keep your blood pumping. And headphones are a super cheap way add music to your daily routines, like housework or laundry or gardening. Not a fan of music? Try a podcast. Most are free to download and the perfect complement to your morning walk or afternoon chores.