3. Stair Climber

Rowing Machine
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The Move: Stair Climber (77 steps/minute)

The Burn: 452-670 calories/hour

The Bonus Burn: Mix up this move by alternating between walking and running up the stairs. Adding a one pound or five pound weight in each hand will get your upper-body working as well.

2. The Elliptical

Eliptical Machine
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The Move: Elliptical or Arc Trainer at a resistance level of 8.

The Burn: 322-478 calories/hour

The Bonus Burn: For the best burn, don’t keep the same pace the entire workout. Switching it up by varying the incline and resistance levels will keep those calories burning long after you leave the gym.

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1. Power Yoga

Power Yoga

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The Move: Power yoga or a fast moving yoga flow class

The Burn: 226-335 calories/hour

The Bonus Burn: Sign up for a power of vinyasa flow class. These classes focus on strength and match your breath to the movement. With that being said, these types of classes are the kind that make for the most effective after burn. Build strength and increase your flexibility.



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