7 minute workout

Pressed for time? Even though the days are getting longer, it seems like your schedule and your waistband are getting tighter. For those days or even weeks that you cannot find time to spend in the gym, there’s a workout that can fit into any schedule. The best part of this workout is that it can be done anywhere, so for anyone who frequently travels for work or works from home, there are no excuses! Here is the 7-minute workout that works.

How It Works


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training has become popular over the years among fitness lovers and newbies alike. Caution should be taken when performing HIIT style exercises for people who are overweight or obese, previously injured, or the elderly should also exercise caution. Those with hypertension or heart disease should not do wall sits or side planks. As you go through the individual exercises, note which ones increase your heart rate speed. The ones that increase your heart rate should be interchanged with the ones that do not. This means that if jumping jacks spike your heart rate, the exercise that follows should lower it slightly. The main objective is to allow the exercises that are being performed in a quick succession to effectively and efficiently target each muscle group.

 As you may know, most exercises only target a limited area of muscle groups. With this high-intensity workout circuit, every major muscle group is individually targeted. Using your own body weight, a chair, and a wall, you will see maximum results in a short amount of time. As you target one muscle group, the other muscle groups that have been worked have time to rest and rebuild. Even though this exercise circuit is intense and beneficial to your body and health, it is not the cure-all. However, it is excellent for those days or weeks where you have no time to run to the gym. Continue reading on the next page.


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