7. Triceps Dip

triceps dip

Using a chair, place your hands just outside the width of your hips. Walk your feet outwards so that you are holding yourself up and using your arms, dip yourself to a 90-degree angle. Press and lower your body for 30 seconds. You will feel a burning sensation in your arms as you do this. This is a good thing.

8. Plank


The push-ups ugly cousin, the plank is excellent for working your entire body. Lie flat on your stomach on the floor and place your forearms on the mat or floor. As if you were rising into a push-up, lift your body up while keeping your core engaged. Your spine and neck should be neutral, and your head should be in line with your back. Hold this position for 30 seconds. It is much easier the better you keep your core engaged.

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9. High Knees

high knees

With your feet hip-width apart and your posture strong and tall, lift your right or left knee while engaging your core. It will look and feel like you are marching in place. Your knees should rise to be parallel with your hips and your foot should be parallel with the floor or mat below you. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and alternate legs for 30 seconds.



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