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Smart Fitness – Train Your Muscles Differently

If you’re used to working out often, you know the effort required in conditioning and toning your muscles. Even if you’re not a huge fan of exercise yet care about your looks, this innovation can very much apply to you.

Smart Fitness is a short-cut to having a six-pack and a firm and toned body. Without even lifting your fingers, this device achieves the same impact as when exercising by distributing Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to problematic areas. Check it out

What is EMS exactly?

Well, EMS Is the latest word in “revolutionary training gear”, as Cristiano Ronaldo puts it. This technology initially came about as a means to stave off muscle atrophy in spinal injury sufferers and to re-educate muscle specialty problems, in case of a stroke, for example.

EMS is also utilized as a strength training tool for healthy subjects and athletes and a post-recovery tool for injured athletes. The impulses released mimic the action that comes from the central nervous system and causing the muscles to contract.

Smart Fitness – Design and Setup

The two main products offered by Smart Fitness are the Abdomen pad and Body Toning pad. As the name implies, the abdomen pad is worn across the abdominal muscles, whereas the body toning pad can be worn in multiple different areas on the body – arms, legs or waist.

With a solid scientific background, I decided to give this technology a try. I started with the Body Toning pad as my biceps are my problem area. No matter how much Pilates, Yoga, and lifting I do, I can’t seem to tone my biceps.

Having tested the products for more than a month now, I can safely say I feel an improvement from the strength and toning perspective. Combined with my bi-weekly workout, it’s actually giving me a genuine muscle boost.


One Smart Fitness package includes:

  • 1 X Abdomen pad
  • 2 X Body toning pad (sold separately)
  • 3 X Controller (Battery Included)
  • 1 x User’s Manual
  • Smart Fitness is shipped in a nice and resistant packaging.

Both pads are made from a flexible Medical Level Silicon that contours your body and matches the shape of each part. The soft material allows the products to easily wrap around your limbs, waist or abs. The design is so slim that you can wear them under your clothes without anyone noticing – until your turn them on, that is.

If you’re anxious for not having enough time to hit the gym, you can take the Smart Fitness kit with you wherever you go – use it on your way to work, in the office in between meetings, at home, etc.

How to use Smart Fitness properly?

As Smart Fitness strongly suggests, start out on a low level and then increase the intensity gradually each time you use the devices. This approach is healthier as the muscles steadily tone in a linear progression instead of being aggravated by forceful pulses right on the start – Just as you’re steadily progressing through your gym workouts.

Twice a day, about a 30-minute training session, should do it.

Start with your first training session and gradually ramp up with longer pulsing durations. Make sure to add rest periods to each session.

Place the device on the part that needs toning. Press the middle button and choose your exercising mode and intensity level (6 modes + 15 intensity levels).Once you finish exercising, gently dry out the device using a towel or a napkin.

For a healthier impact and accurate muscles growth, speak with a professional physician or a weight trainer in your local gym.

End results

Well, if you’re using the pads properly and according to Smart Fitness’s instructions, you’ll notice an escalation in your intensity. The longer you integrate Smart Fitness in your exercising regimen, the higher your training intensity will be and the more progress potential you’ll experience – “no pain, no gain” is slightly out the door.



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