Dumbbells are a great way to truly bring the gym experience home without the monthly bill. Purchased in-store or online, dumbbells come in the same weight increments as the ones found in regular gyms. Including dumbbells into your home workout can be beneficial to more than just your muscles. Even with a healthy diet and vitamin supplements bone density and loss are inevitable. Studies have shown that weight training can decrease the severity and prevent early onset of osteoporosis. The best part about using dumbbells at home is that you can include them in almost any workout and can be used standing up, balancing on your stability ball, or lying down on your floor mat.



Like dumbbells, a kettlebell is a great way to build muscle and strengthen your bones. Just 15-minutes with a kettle ball can increase muscle, decrease your chances of early onset osteoporosis, and burn fat. Like resistance bands, a kettle ball is a whole body workout. Most exercise equipment is used to target certain muscle groups. However, the use of a kettle ball utilizes your entire body.  This is a great piece of equipment to own for those who often find themselves to busy to commit to hour-long workouts. Effectiveness + Efficiency= productivity, which is what you’re new motto will be after buying one of these.

Suspension workout Straps

Suspension Straps
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Suspension straps are great for home workouts. Similar to resistance bands in that they can be used anywhere, they can be used alone, and they are a whole body workout. If you don’t like using free weights at home, a suspension strap is a great alternative for muscle building. Using the weight of your own body, a suspension strap helps build muscle, increase balance, and improve flexibility. Do not be intimidated by the simplicity of just two straps. This piece of equipment is for any fitness level! Just make sure you have a sturdy doorframe or ceiling hold to hang these straps from, and you’re ready to go!


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