49 Smart Ways to Use Baking Soda For Your Home

Benjamin Roussey

A woman’s home is often a cleverly disguised laboratory. With just a little bit of ingenuity, she can turn ordinary ingredients into organic, money-saving, time-saving, and energy-saving treasures! Baking soda is one such ingredient. It was initially used by bakers to make cakes and other sweetmeats. But today this versatile compound has found itself being put to good use in every nook and corner of your home! If you are not yet familiar with the unique properties of this ingredient, you can get introduced to it by exploring the following 49 tricks.

49. In Your Medicine Cabinet

Do you know that baking soda can work miracles on itchy skin? It also works well to soothe the sting of poison ivy, sunburn, and other types of unexpected rashes. Doctors recommend its use even in the treatment of psoriasis. From insect bites to allergies, baking soda is undoubtedly your skin’s best bet.

If you look up your favorite skincare product, you may even find this element as part of its ingredients. The good thing is that baking soda is safe to use directly on the skin, without the need to camouflage it as inexpensive skincare products. So feel free to use it, and watch your skin glow while your savings grow.


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