Effects of High Blood Sugar

Like obesity, diabetes is a disease that quietly sneaks up on you. It is typically not severe at first. Instead, it spreads its claws slowly but surely, disturbing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In just a few years, patients find that their quality of life has been significantly compromised.

But if you thought that diabetes was the only negative outcome of high (or even fluctuating) blood sugar levels, think again! Here are 10 other incidental side effects of this severe condition.

10. Unwanted Weight Gain or Weight Loss 

weight loss

Before you celebrate that surprising weight loss, you should know that diabetes, at its core, is a digestive disorder. For several reasons, your body begins to be less capable of digesting and absorbing glucose, a component of sugar. Now sugar is the ingredient that blesses us with the energy to power our lives.

High or fluctuating blood sugar levels are a bad sign. Furthermore, any weight loss due to high blood sugar can come roaring back with double power when the blood sugar levels are back in balance. Therefore, it is more advisable to maintain stability with your body weight, and gradually reduce any excess weight with the help of a balanced program.

9. Dehydration 


Our body is such an advanced organism that when it detects high glucose levels, it automatically works to flush it out. The natural way to do it is through passing urine. This is the reason diabetes patients drink a lot of water, and also urinate often. Their sleep is frequently disturbed since they have to wake up so often. While this is definitely not a comfortable way to live, in some cases it can lead to severe dehydration. Patients living in warmer climates are more at risk, but as a thumb rule, every individual with high blood sugar levels should watch out against dehydration.


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