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After at least eleven years — a bachelor’s degree, medical school, and residency — a doctor becomes a detective of sorts. With enough knowledge, they’re able to assess a patient quickly to come up with a probable diagnosis. Their education offers them a slew of clues to look for. With their experience and assortment of diagnostic tests, they put all this information together to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition. 

The following are 10 health conditions that a doctor can spot simply by looking at you. 

10. Anemia


If you appear pale and weak, your doctor might suspect that you are anemic. Healthy red blood cells are what carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. Anemia occurs when you lack these red blood cells, which are also known as hemoglobin. The lack of oxygen and red blood cells can make you look sallow and pale. Your doctor can confirm the diagnosis through blood tests and a thorough physical exam.  

9. Anxiety and Other Mental Health Conditions


Once you walk into a room, your doctor is already assessing your overall health. If you’re hunched over, shuffling your feet, and withdrawn, your doctor might suspect that you’re depressed. If you’re fidgety, tense, and easily distracted, the first condition your doctor might think of is anxiety. Your doctor also takes into account your eye contact when they’re speaking to you. Poor eye contact might be a sign of an emotional or mental health issue. 


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