8. A Smoking Habit


You might be able to hide your smoking habit from your family, but it’s difficult to hide it from your doctor. Heavy smokers have physical signs that are red flags to a doctor. The first clue are your teeth and gums. Smokers often have unusually yellow teeth and inflamed gums due to the nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco. Their voice can have a hoarseness that’s impossible to hide. A smoker’s nails and fingers on their dominant hand can develop a yellow tinge from holding cigarettes. Even their face can give away their habit. Smokers can develop very fine lines around their lips due to the repetitive puckering motion from smoking. The most distinctive sign, however, is the scent of a smoker’s breath. 

7. A Drug Addiction 

drug abuse

A drug habit, just like smoking, is difficult to hide from a doctor. Specific signs of drug use can depend on the drug, but there are common indications that doctors often look for. Track marks can be hard to spot with an untrained eye, but doctors are always on the lookout due to the adverse health effects of drugs. 

Drugs like methamphetamine can affect the skin significantly. Drug toxins can build up in the skin, causing it to look dry, uneven, thin, and scaly. Additionally, sores and blisters may develop. Because of a drug’s side effects, a drug user might pick at their skin without realizing it, leaving open wounds or multiple scabs. Weight loss, dry and brittle hair, and skin problems can all be signs of drug addiction.  

6. High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, can show on a person’s face. Because hypertension increases the flow of blood throughout the body, the blood vessels get larger. This increase in blood vessel size, called vasodilation, causes a person’s face to look flushed. Hypertension can also break capillaries, causing pronounced red spots. 

That said, don’t count on using your face to check for high blood pressure. Many people have high blood pressure without showing any signs. It’s essential to have regular checkups and have your blood pressure taken. After all, high blood pressure is called a “silent killer” because someone may have the condition for years without showing any signs. 



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