2. Diabetes


Although there’s a common belief that you have to be overweight to have diabetes, it’s not true. Diabetes does not have a “look.” Someone can be skinny and still be a diabetic. Diabetes does, however, have a scent. 

When someone has uncontrolled diabetes, their body can’t access the sugar in the blood to use as energy. Even though they may have large amounts of sugar flowing in their blood, the body doesn’t have the tools to use it. To obtain energy, the body begins to burn fat instead of sugar. The byproduct of this breakdown of fat is ketone. People with diabetes can sometimes exhibit a fruity or acetone odor on their breath and skin because of ketones’ presence. 

Ketone is toxic to the body. When too much ketone is present in the blood, the body can develop diabetic ketoacidosis. Doctors will often order a blood sugar test if they smell ketones on a patient’s breath. 

1. Breathing Problems

Shortage Of Breath

There’s a reason doctors often ask patients not to wear nail polish on their fingers when they go into surgery. Your fingers can indicate your oxygen levels. Medical personnel place a device called a pulse oximeter on your fingertip during surgery or in a hospital. This device measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your fingers are an excellent indication of how well your body is using oxygen. 

One of the most physical signs that your body needs oxygen is your nail bed. A nail bed with a bluish tinge or one that doesn’t become pink again immediately after being pressed may indicate a respiratory issue. 

Make the Most of Your Healthcare

Your Doctor

Doctors are educated, but they’re not psychic. They still need your help. By giving them the information they need, you can help them to find the right treatment options. To make the most of your visit and stay healthy, you can do the following: 

A doctor should be one of the people in your life whom you’re most honest. A doctor is legally bound to keep your health information private. Although the information might be embarrassing or awkward, rest assured that your doctor will not judge you and will keep the information private. It might be tempting to tell a doctor a “clean” version of your life, but it won’t help you be healthier. Your doctor must have the right information to keep you healthy and safe. 

You are the most essential part of your healthcare team. Your participation is the key to your well-being. Your doctor spent 11 years in school to be a doctor, but he can’t help you alone. You can assist your doctor, and yourself, by staying informed and following the treatment your doctor prescribes. Making the right lifestyle choices like eating right, staying active, and managing stress can make all the difference. 



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