Myth #3: Coronavirus symptoms aren’t worse than a bad flu.

Covid Symptoms

Again, the symptoms and severity of COVID-19 can vary widely from person to person. Yes, some people experience symptoms similar to a bad flu, while others might have no noticeable symptoms at all and still be contagious. Unfortunately, many people infected with the virus do become seriously sick and end up on ventilators in the ICU. People at high risk for severe illness from COVID include those over age 65, people with pre-existing conditions like type 2 diabetes and COPD, plus smokers and people with severe obesity. 

Myth #4: We’ll have COVID herd immunity very soon.

Covid Spreading

When the majority of the population achieves immunity to a virus, that’s when herd immunity is achieved. Medical experts say herd immunity would require at least 70% of people to become immune to COVID-19. The myth that we will achieve herd immunity from coronavirus soon is probably linked to the rate at which positive tests are reported. If we’re all getting the infection this quickly, then we should achieve herd immunity quickly, right? Probably not, say the doctors interviewed by Medical News Today. There simply isn’t enough proof yet that COVID immunity is long lasting once people recover from the infection. 

Myth #5: Our immune systems are weakened by constant physical distancing.


First, as the doctors explained to Medical News Today, avoiding contact with sick people is a beneficial practice that has been used successfully for centuries with many different infectious diseases. Over time, our immune systems adapt naturally, as long as we take good care of our health. In the meantime, protocols like vaccinations help our immune systems become stronger against infection. “Research has also demonstrated that we can help our immune systems better fight off infection via controlled techniques, such as vaccination, which is more successful than allowing our immune systems to encounter illnesses in an uncontrolled way through random personal exposure.” stated the Medical News Today article. 


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