Myth #6: 5G technology causes COVID-19 or makes it more severe.

Simply put, 5G is a digitized radio wave known as 5th generation technology for mobile phones. It works to improve the capabilities of modern broadband cellular networks. According to the doctors interviewed, the myth that 5G is a source of COVID-19 or causes severe coronavirus symptoms is completely unfounded. “There is no evidence to suggest a cause-and-effect relationship between radio waves, their frequencies, and viral transmission.” 

Myth #7: Face masks cause more problems than they prevent.

Face Mask 5

In hospitals and clinics, doctors and nurses have been using protective face masks for years to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets that could cause infections. Medical experts say it works well in those situations, and does not limit oxygen intake or increase the intake of carbon dioxide, as some rumors claim. Thus, wearing face masks has proven for years to help prevent viral spread, and does so for COVID-19, as well. It’s important to wear your mask properly over the nose and tucked under the chin, select one made of thick fabric with no holes, and wash it in hot soapy water after use. 

Myth #8: COVID-19 is already curable.


Though doctors are working with various medications and treatment protocols to help people recover from coronavirus, there isn’t a cure yet. Hopefully someday a cure will be found. Until then, clinical trials continue to determine the treatments that are safest and most effective for COVID-19. Medications like steroids and remdesivir have shown promise with severely ill patients. Convalescent plasma therapy as a treatment, using donated blood from people who recovered from the virus, is being studied, as well. Current treatments work differently for each patient, and aren’t fully effective for everyone. 


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